Wednesday, July 13, 2005

So...once again, as Mallory is having a good streak....

I'm seriously getting a wee bit sick of being me. Not 'I hate my life, etc.' because truly I do not. But I get sick of random stuff happening just when I get ahead in life healthwise, so grr...

The past couple of nights, exactly an hour after I get hooked up I've been overcome with the worst chills ever that make my muscles so tense I can hardly move, and I just have to get in bed and shiver with 6 blankets til it goes away. good times. It's bizarre because usually that is a sign of infection and my fever spikes, and/or I'll have rapid heart rate etc, like I did with endocarditis, but there's nothing else. no fever or anything

Last night was the second time in a row it happened. And my mom called the pharmacy and the medical supply company and stuff, and I might go for bloodwork today and stuff so if there is something brewing we can head it off at the pass. Not cool. I do NOT have time for this shiznit. I love being the only person in the world who can get infections from existing. Agh.

On the upside....we have our first Broadway Rocks rehearsal tonight, and I'm psyched!!!! squeeeeeeee

ok...more soon I promise.

you know you love me.

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