Saturday, September 27, 2008


After I wrote my last entry, a good friend of mine (and faithful reader) said to me “You need to write more!”  So I am proud to say it is not even a month later and here is another entry!  Of course, I partly wish I could say, well nothing has really happened, so there is nothing to write about, but as we all know, my life never has a dull moment, and it has already felt like months

 have passed! However, because of recent events, all my selfish rantings are going to be put aside for now, because my heart and mind is only focusing on one thing today.

I’m sure most of you know by now, because clearly the media is far ahead of me (when I began writing this, there was not much out there but now there is).  A very important man passed away today.  Some of you know him from movies, some of you know him from his amazing organic food line. I know him, because he created camp, and changed my life.  Until my recent years, I didn’t know him as a “celebrity.”  I knew him as Paul…the guy who made camp, and dressed up like a woman in the gala to

 make people laugh…
Now- I am fully aware of everything he has done, and have met his truly wonderful family, and I am really feeling his loss.

I believe that he had done all that he could to make sure camp was in the right hands, and went when he truly believed it was time.  Having listened to his daughter Lissy at the gala last month, we all knew deep down that it wouldn’t be long, but it wasn’t real until today.  It was a grey, rainy day, and hard not to feel the sadness that I know is shared by all THITWGCers no matter where they are in the world.  It is because of this one man that we were able to create such a strong, expansive family, and although he is gone, I know that will not change.  I wish we could all be together today and celebrate his life.

As I ate dinner with my entire family this evening, and both of my grandparents, I couldn’t help but think about Lissy Newman’s children I sat behind at the gala, and how it wasn’t about losing a movie star, it was about real kids losing their grandfather.

Joanne- and the entire Newman family- You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope that you find the love and support that I know, because of Paul, has been provided to so many others.

To my extended camp family- I love you all, and know we are all sharing similar feelings today.  I know it’s not the same, but when you are feeling sad, and that nobody else “gets it.”  Close your eyes and imagine we are all in the dining hall holding hands, and singing Can You Feel the Love Tonight, because I know for a fact that as spread out as we are, I definitely can and even though Mr. Newman may be gone physically, he will never leave camp, and that love will always be strong.

To everyone else, however you are affected by this- realize how lucky you are when you hug your grandparents, or give your husband a kiss or your father a hug tonight.  Look at all that Mr. Newman has achieved in his time and realize that HE is a hero.  He is what we should all aspire to be.  Be genuine, be good, be selfless, but don’t forget to drink beer, make jokes and raise a little hell.  He’d want us to.

And always remember- as I was reminded every summer at THITWGC:

**The time is short and there’s so much to do.  Don’t waste a moment of what’s given to you. Don’t waste a moment cause you’ll never see it returned…**

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Mal.
Beautifully expressed, as you have a way of being able to do. I am deeply grateful to know you, and I wouldn't if it weren't for, you know...
extra xoxoxo,

Anonymous said...

I wrote you last night but it didn't go through...thank you for putting the words on paper as I struggled w/ different sorts of thoughts and feelings...sending you tons of love, gratitude for our blue-eyed dude who brought so many of us together in so many ways. I have no complaints except that I am truly sad he didn't defy gravity this time (grin) to everyone on your end...we'll keep his legacy living LARGE and lovingly! jo

Anonymous said...

Hey Baby,
I don't know how you do it but you are so good at putting words to feelings. Thank you, Honey.
Love Mom
P.S. I say we declare Jan. 26 PLN Day. We can all raise a little hell. And there should definitely be gift bags!