Thursday, September 16, 2010


As I said in my last post, Fall never fails to make me nostalgic. For 16 years of our lives we are victims of the "Back to school" hysteria, with whatever emotions that may bring for you- then.... bam. It's done.
I'm over the stress it used to cause me, but now it's just sort of this void of all the things that used to happen at this time of year. The little things that you take for granted, just the small things that get you through the day during the first few months of classes but when they're gone, it's so different.
And yet, as I read through older fall entries, it feels like it just yesterday.

So to bask in my moment of Fall Nostalgia, and then to send it on it's way and get stuff done in the present. I present a list (cause I love lists....)

Things I miss about college:
  • * Being able to walk to Dunkin' Donuts (usually in my pj's) or the "Latte Landing" (I'm still not over the fact they never had lattes) to do work when I just couldn't be in my room anymore. Heck being able to walk anywhere. the bar, peoples' apartments. Having the whole town at our fingertips and not spending a cent on gas (not that I drove... but I digress)

  • * MEAL POINTS! Scan a card = all you can eat! Caesar Wrap day anybody? Or our late night ventures for curly fries in the snack bar... all with just the swipe of an ID. Delish.
  • * Breaks! Pounding the pavement, nose to the grindstone working so hard to get everything done so you can leave for a few days and see everyone you miss from "home" and then not wanting to go back.... and remembering why I actually are ok with going back when you get there.
    And of course finals week was one of those things that I think actually prepares you for the real world. Grant reviews, presentations, conferences.... there's always that crunch time where you just get a double latte and play "finals week" and I get a satisfying little reminder I still have it in me!

  • * Witty "Beaver Pride" Tshirts. Enough said.

  • * My writers :)
And I think one of the best- every single person I cared about and how we would sit around talking about how much we hated every part of it, and how- here we are almost four years later talking about what we miss, while completely recognizing, we're not the same people we were back then. And you just can't go back. But it's fun to remember.

Here's to the class of 2007, and those I've reconnected with in my new "grown up life!"



Ashleigh said...

i'm right up there with you...i really miss college but at the same time i'm glad to be in the "real world" (not that i believe there is one, but i digress)

Fall always makes me want to go back-to-school shopping and since I'm not in school anymore I think what I'm gonna do is take it and turn it into a "rehaul of my life" kind of thing from here on out ;) screw new years, i'm moving it up 4 months ;)

Princess Malphaba said...

I totally agree. I have taken to adopting "back to school" as a state of mind, and watching Maisy do tons of homework motivates me to get stuff done too!