Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Letter to Your Younger Self

Dear Younger Mal,

So hey!   Here you are!  All those years, of emo writing, dreaming, and aching for the city, and knowing “there’s more out there,” paid off… cause it’s happening.  You made it happen.  How about that?  Proud of you kid….

Knowing that it really all will be ok eventually, and before we turn the page for real, I want to remind you of some stuff.

A lot of people will come into your life, and many will go.  Let them go.  The ones that stay, you won’t need to chase.

You will get braces.  And contacts.  And it will be one of the best decisions of your life.  You’ll look in the mirror and not really recognize yourself, but you’ll smile and say, “hey… look out world.”

People will say they love you.  Maybe not always the way you want them to, but they will make you who you are, and regardless, of how they mean it.  They mean it.

Denny’s is only good after being in a show and only having iced coffee all day.  And it’s really not about the food.  Except cheese fries.  Those are ok. Sometimes.

It’s not just you.  Your life really does have a soundtrack, and the right songs will continue to play at the right time…

Also, your life is a little crazy.  You will have incredible experiences, and it will not even feel real.  Then you will be very bored sometimes.... There's always more to come.  Enjoy the down time too.

Take care of yourself.  Contrary to what people may tell you, it’s not about who works the most, and the world will not end if you take a day off, to sleep… or maybe go to the mall.

Oh… also, about that.   Real therapy probably would’ve been better than all those semi-annual sales… and a hell of a lot easier to move.

Your friends are right... You do have THE COOLEST family.   Ever.  Enjoy every minute by that pool, and listening to the stories you've heard a hundred times.  Trust me.  You'll be glad you did.

You’ll also be glad you went home on the weekends in college to see Maisy.  She’s incredible, time goes so fast, and I promise you didn’t miss anything in Farmington.

SoCo and Lime shots will not gain you friends.  Those are not your friends.

You will have friends though.  All over the country, and some right nearby who really will be there, and won’t care if you’re dressed up, or sick in the hospital.  Keep in touch with those people.  They’re real.

It will all come together.  All those pieces of you that do make you feel happy and unstoppable, you won’t have to leave any of them behind, so don’t even worry.

I know, I know, what you really want to hear….. so guess what?  He IS out there.  And you knew…. He won’t be in Maine.  The best things happen when you’re not trying.  Keep living for you, don’t change a thing and make the most of every moment.  You’re doing this right.

It really will all be ok.

Thanks for everything,
Mal 2012


allison said...

I love you, Mal!! <3 You are an amazing woman and I treasure you as one of my best friends. :-)

Anonymous said...

Whatever with the name dropping photos.

You really do have to coolest family. This is a great letter and I'm so glad it's of the "everything works out" variety. So excited for your next chapter in Boston!

Tara said...

ahh you met the original Glinda! sooo jealous!

also, you are so so right about Denny's. and the cheese fries. ;)

congrats again on everything, girl! you deserve it, all of it, and every other amazing thing that comes your way! <3

Mom said...

I love you!! And I knew you could do it! <3

Cocktail Lady said...

I absolutely love this letter to yourself! If only we could time travel and give it to ourselves. Sounds like you have exciting times ahead of you (according to the other comments =)). Enjoy your evening!! Cheers!!