Thursday, June 16, 2005

So ok. This is the first entry of the new "blog." I'm not quite sure how all this works yet, but I'm a fast learner I guess, so we'll see. Currently, I am quite exhausted from getting up at 5 and spending 10 hours in the car, but it resulted in getting an Aunt Annie's pretzel *swoon,* the email of a NYU actor boy, and picking up the little sister. Who I actually am quite glad to have home because I feel very outnumbered the way it stands now. She was ultimately fabulous at stage night, and everyone loved her. bla bla bla. she was a bit peeved that she was known as "Mal's sister," but hey...I said I'd prepare them for her did I not? She had a good week I think. I personally wish it would not be 50 degrees anymore and I'm desperately wanting some sun again. I guess some silly Florida going brat took it with them, AGAIN. Ooooh well.
I'm going to try to figure some more stuff out here, but stay tuned... blocking rehearsal tomorrow. Woo!

~til later.
*the Malphaba*

My new baby:

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