Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Epic Adventures of 2012!

I have been reading a couple of my favorite blogs lately and it has reminded me of how delinquent I have been as a blogger.  Mostly because I've been pretty on top of everything else, and my life has sort of exploded lately, but I still wish I could get better about writing.  I think I will really try.
I am starting to realize that if I spent as much time writing as I spend playing ridiculous games on Facebook, my book would be written 7 times over.  So, it's time.  I can't get any further on Bubble Witch Saga, and I can beat a hot shot board in 2 days. Time to buckle down.

Also, when I think about how dedicated I was about studying for my GRE's, I realize I can really make the time when I make something my goal.  So bam.  Blogging/writing. It's going on my calendar.  Then I can prevent epic entries covering a year.  Haha.  I say that every time!
With that-  let's recap what has happened since last time I wrote (well the big stuff anyway…).

- I gained another family. I went to NV to visit Owen's family twice, and well...both trips went by way too fast, I have never felt so comfortable with a group of people in my life, and I can't wait to see them again.  We truly are all cut out of the same mold, and I now have 2 little princesses in training that I get to Skype with on my "Ipatch"  I can't wait for the day when the Cyrs and Erquiaga/Diegels are on the same turf to get to know each other.  The world better watch out!!
(one of those favorite blogs is the adventures of these princesses, their family, and a new pug  )

- I went to Vegas a couple times and a bunch of other places.  I had an epic month in October with a sort of change of plans Vegas trip that resulted in a missed flight home, a new tattoo and one of the best trips of my life.  I had come from DC, and Denver the weeks before, where I had been going strong and inspired about all things Got Transition.   Work hard, play hard.  And we did.
Although the acceptance piece has been a reality for about a month, I still am having the realization of "Wow.  I can't believe I did it!" and I probably will continue to!

 For a couple years now I have been saying "I will take my GRE's,  I think I'm going to look into going back to school."  but as we dropped Maisy off at her college at the end of this summer, when I saw how much my heart ached just by being on the grounds of a beautiful place of learning, I knew I was done joking around.
I also have been saying... probably for about 10 years.  I have to get out of Maine.  It wasn't time yet, and I knew that in my heart. I was meant to be here, to grow, and to see what else was out there.  So I did.  Eventually my friends started saying it too.  "You're more than this.  Why are you even still here?"  then slowly, my life grew beyond Maine too, and it wasn't just the big city dreams of Broadway shows and public transportation (haha can you even imagine???)  pieces of my heart in California, Washington DC, Connecticut, Colorado, Boston, Nevada....
So I did it.  I looked at programs all over the country, and thought about what I wanted to do.  Where I wanted to be.  The list began as being pretty extensive.  Then I got real, and thought about where I could really see myself living.  Where we're the real opportunities of stuff I was already doing?  Where were my circles of support.  The list got shorter.  I did look at some online programs too, but I realized, this was my reason to move on, I want the opportunities that came with going to school, not just the letters after my name.
I memorized deadlines, got all the pieces together, wrote an essay, and Owen virtually held my hand, as I clicked send.

Last Friday I attended an accepted student day at Boston University, and FELT IT.  That feeling, that magazines and guidance counselors tell you you'll feel.... That I never felt before.  The day was amazing, the people were receptive and fun and answered questions big and small, and then there was a reception, where looking out over the beautiful Boston skyline, I really accepted it was happening.  It's time. 

Don't take this the wrong way Maine, I'm glad I'll be so close, and I know I'll always have a home here, but as one of my heroes PR guru Kelly Cutrone says, "When you're the most happening person at the party, it's time to leave."
So here I am, slam dunking my red solo cup, and heading on to the next thing!

Here’s another quote- by the one and only, JRB.  "I wrote a story, and we changed the ending." (The Last Five Years)

I realized recently, that when I was younger, I didn't plan my fairy tale wedding.  When I was in middle and high school I thought it was dumb to ruin a really good notebook with I heart "guy of the moment” only to scribble it out for someone else's name.  I had accepted early on that I was not going to settle or find my soulmate in those settings, and I was fine with that.  I was fine if I never did.  I was content with my goals of observing life in coffee shops writing my memoirs. 

I'm still ok with that.... But now I may (better...)  be bringing home a caramel macchiato to someone in my Boston apartment, instead of just going home to feed the cat.  I'm still me, but now my fairy tale has different characters (an AMAZING lineup I might add)  and maybe there will be a white dress at the end of it, but it's not already planned, waiting for someone to play the part.  It will be a part of the journey that is truly reflective of our lives and our amazing adventure.
Yep.  It will be a year in May, and Owen is going to be a New England boy.  It will be a huge transition for all of us, but I am so excited to not be facing a new city alone, and we are both ready for new beginnings.  And it is JUST the beginning!

Stay tuned!

(Yep, we have a fan page!)


Anonymous said...

This is just all so incredibly exciting - grad school, great love, good coffee, new adventures. You're amazingly courageous. Just don't forget about Maine when you go changing the world for the better. Congratulations!

Tara said...

ughhhh I hear ya on the writing thing! though games on FB aren't the thing I waste my time on, there are definitely far too many hours of my life spent playing on the internet. had I not wasted so much time doing so, I would have had my WIP finished by now as well...instead of not even having 1/3 of it done :-/