Monday, July 07, 2014

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

I took a week off last week.

Like OFF OFF. the last time I recall having a legit VACATION, where I unplugged, and did not touch my work phone, or business e-mail, or call into just one conference call, or say I was “working remotely,”  Was probably when I went to Vegas for my birthday in 2011.  that was probably the last time I felt so refreshed, empowered and rejuvenated by a week off.  And this time, I didn’t go ANYWHERE.

I simply took the week and attacked everything that was stressing me out, and took care of me.  the first big step of this was not taking classes this summer, then once my fellowship finished it was just work.  I’m getting unfortunately accustomed to not having school work, so going back in September is going to be rough.  I have also made some choices however, that I think will benefit my schedule once school does start back up.  I have no classes, or obligations past 5:00 pm, once Fall comes.  Although it gets dark at 4 in the winter, there will be no chasing down transportation, or not getting home until 10 after my classes.  Owen and I can still maintain a reasonable typical work schedule, which I’m psyched about.

SO. What did I do on my summer “vacation?”  Nothing, and everything!

I read whole books, in record time.   For those who think I’m some politically minded, health care addict.  Stop reading this right now. And go away.  When it’s up to me, I’m a shallow, materialistic Vegas party girl.  You know what I read?  Here are my literary confessions:

My Life in Loubies:
A real housewife tale of a shallow chick who wants to marry into money to maintain her shoe addiction, but actually gets an interesting surprise- I was not expecting (and I usually predict these things, because I could probably just write one…)  

Jodie Sweetin’s (that’s right- Stephanie Tanner) memoir about her struggle with addiction and partying in the Hollywood Hills.  I was obsessed and finished it in 2 days.  Full House will never be the same, but yea.  It was good. No regrets.

And the hilarious, superficial, tongue in cheek, “I could’ve written this”  White Girl Problems.  Based on my favorite Twitter account, I buzzed through this one, flipping through my kindle problems on the T, in the back of black uber cars, and ok, even during the Red Sox game.  So sue me.

Along the self care route, I also got my hair and nails done, and get this-  I had lunch with FRIENDS.  TWICE!  And it was “let’s get an overpriced sandwich from the snack bar before class.”  It was afternoon margs, and actual sit down and talk about each other’s lives meals.  I truthfully do not think I have done that since I moved here.  It was AWESOME.

After one, we went SHOPPING!   We plotted which Michael Kors bag we’d get, whether or not it was on sale, swooned over Burberries we’ll probably never owned, and got foundation matched in Sephora and got matching mask variety packs.  It was a true, long overdue girls’ day that just put me on cloud 10.

The other girly outing was centered around interior decorating.  My neighbor, LEND classmate, and dear friend and I did some damage at TJ Maxx  then went to town on the Element Studio.  She made magic happen on our shamefully small closet, I put new 750 thread count sheets on our bed, and we hung things on the wall.  It looks like people live there now, and are not just hoarding a bunch of boxes.  Owen and I are SO happy.  I’m so proud of my little home!  It’s not longer an overpriced studio that was “all we could make work.”  It is our HOME!

Part of the reason (other than the fact that I was keeping myself up at night having OCD about all the stupid piles all over the apartment) was that Owen’s family came to visit, which was primarily my reason for taking the week off at all!  And man, did we see the city!  We went to a Sox game, a duck tour (so fun!!!! Can’t believe it took us so long), went to the aquarium, are planning to eat in the North End, and spent the fourth on a harbor dinner cruise!  It has been wonderful, and it is so nice to really know where we are now, and how to live here!  It was such a good feeling to really host people, and show them our city, and not just be like “well… I think this is nearby, it just may take us all day to get there.  We didn’t even go in a circle ONCE.

In addition to all of the above, I accomplished one other REAL success.  I managed to address, attend, or schedule, every. single. medical appointment or obligation that I had outstanding.  We’re talking, PCP, eye doctor, dentist, iron infusion, GI speciality, started medicine for completely life ruining stomach issues, and I even took the ultimate self care measure of getting a therapist, who I managed to see TWICE, just during my time off.  I believe in being super transparent about addressing mental health needs, because EVERYBODY has them.  It has been fantastic, and I have not felt this good in a long time!

So bam.  For all those times that there were not enough hours in the day, I finally just buckled down and stopped making excuses.  I can check all of those off the list, and basically, I should win some sort of prize.

Today I am back to work, but I am calm, comfortable, tan, and confident.  I am ready to lean into my new role, and this second half of summer.  I am taking care of me, and it is amazing how the rest can fall into place.  One thing I have learned over the last few years, is, as urgent as everything may feel, at the end of the day, if everything else were to go away, all you have is yourself, and if you’re not happy in that solitude, you need do some re-arranging.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, zentastic summer.


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