Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I got my first paycheck today. I'm so excited. Let's just say it's more than I've ever gotten in a refund check or anything...and I'm set for NY (and probably some prep before then)!
I just love my job. I had a video conference this morning when I had just woken up and was still drinking coffee and it was so laid back but awesome. My new desk is all set up, I met with my supervisor (one of them) Patti, at my Starbucks (she loved it) and I'm finally feeling productive. I think I'm still high and in love from last weekend too...life is just amazing right now. I bought Hanson's new CD The Walk and I seriously have not stopped listening to it since I got last Monday...or something. It's amazing. I need to stop being in love with them...again. I ended up seeing Hairspray last week too. Maisy and I were at the pool hanging out, and Matt called to tell me he didn't blow off my Text from the night before. He let me go to read Harry Potter (omfg #7 please come in the mail tomorrow!!!!), but Maisy told me to call him back and invite him over. So I did...and he ended up coming over and going swimming for awhile.
We had fun, and when we were hanging out, drying off, we got talking about Hairspray and concluded we should all go see it. So we did. Maisy and I were the cool kids that sang all the songs we knew (but we're good, so it's ok....and we didn't just pretend to know the words)

But it was WAY better than I expected and I'm in love with Zac Efron, and I'm not ashamed to say it!!!!! OR that I bought a "high school musical: ON STAGE" T-shirt when I ushered for it at CLT! (mostly cause it had the CLT logo on it).
(even though that was really...different...and I miss my generation of theater kids...)

So I dunno... I just needed to write and say how awesome things are. I'm SO effing happy. I write when there's trauma and tragedy, and I'm being emo, but I figured I'd do some random updating. Yay for that.

Here's a couple more random things of late (aka what has Mal bought):

~ Starbucks' iced raspberry mochas rock my world.

~My MAC order and HP 7 should be here any day now

~ I just got another MAC eyeshadow (creme de violet- YES) AND lipglass (elaborate) for less than full retail of either one from an LJ sale... so I'm pumped!
~I caved and bought AIM for my treo. uh ohhhh. :)

That's all for now. I'm going to go read and sleep in the AC! Yay.

♥ the Mal

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