Monday, September 24, 2007

So, I went away this weekend for another meeting, which was pretty enjoyable, and I walked away with a good several things added to my to-do list, but I guess that's what happens when you're the one who gets the paycheck. No complaints, and we actually have some things lined up that should go well, and as usual it was great to see everyone, and we had some crazy times. haha.
It was at the Lucerne Inn, which is up in the mountains and is absolutely beautiful. The accomodations and food leave some to be desired, but I guess you just pay for the view.
But anyway- before we departed on that venture, my mom got an email from one of our theater friends who was moving. She needed to get rid of her beautfiul, well behaved beagle before they could move. My mom had been contemplating getting another dog, but she just said, "when it's the dog we're supposed to have, it'll be brought to us." so sure enough, this dog sounded just like what we should have. So my mom made the phone call (and called my dad of course...) and yesterday Lizzy the Lemon Pie beagle arrived at our house.

We all have to retrain ourselves to have a nice dog. I'm left alone with her during the day and this morning I even let her lay in bed with me and I didn't care, but we've sort of just been staring at each other, because she doesn't know who I am and i'm like "I pet you and you just sit there, without growling. Weird." But I'll admit it is pretty cool to have company during the day again, and you know... company I'm not terrified of and have to avoid...

Anyway- so that's another huge change in our family. There's definitely been a lot these past couple of months. But it's so good! I'm happy

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