Sunday, April 27, 2014

Brunch, Baseball and Beauty

This past week ended up being pretty epic! It was super busy but also relaxing, enjoyable and the perfect way to kick off spring in Boston!

Sunday was Easter, and as much as I waffled with going back to Maine to spend it with my family, we had just had a weekend in New Hampshire, and frankly, taking the train and organizing all the transportation and getting from point A to point B, is a lot of work, and sometimes counteracts the realization we might actually get from the trip.  So we made the executive decision to stay here and enjoy our own traditions, which we are still figuring out.  Holidays are odd as adults, because I’m realizing so much of our important traditions, I don’t actually believe in the context of.  Don’t get me wrong, I love any excuse to be with family and have a huge dinner, but Easter was sort of like… “well. We don’t have kids, I’m not hiding eggs, and we’re not going to church.”  What does that mean for us?

There is a place in the South End we had been trying to get reservations at for awhile now, and when we decided that we were going to be in the city for Easter Sunday, I made us a reservation at Tremont 647!  It was fun to try a new place and we went home comfortably stuffed.  I am learning my ideal religion involves the worshiping of sun and brunch.

Then we had an evening of total spontaneity (well not really, but deciding on Friday, was spontaneous for me) and ended up going to a concert at Brighton Music Hall to see an old school hipster band I liked in college, HelloGoodbye.  

I had seen the sign on my way home from class on Friday and tickets were super cheap, we had nothing that night and we figured, why not!  It ended up being really fun.  At first I was hesitant about the venue, when we were waiting outside in the cold and someone said they would “come get us,” when the doors opened, and then I turned around and saw people at the other door getting wrist bands and going inside.  Sigh.  Good thing we didn’t actually just live life sitting around waiting for people to “come get us!”  So I flagged someone down and we went inside.  The “Accessible” entrance of course totally had a mini bump to get in, and stupid me, in a rush to get inside, stuffed my iPhone in my pocket, and as soon as Scootie and I went over the bump, it fell on the ground and smashed.  Again.  Perfect way to start the night.  Then, as we entered the small venue that was general admission, with no actual seating, we tried to strategize the safest place for us to be.  Granted it wasn’t expected to be a heavy metal show or anything (Actually, it was on 4/20, and I lost count of how many times the word chill was used)  but still, we wanted to be safe.

Just when I was about to just settle in the back by the bar, a staff member came up and asked if we would like to be seated next to the stage.  They made some hipsters get up off the floor and move their stupid backpacks, then tucked us comfortably in a corner inches from the stage and put up a rope so nobody would come in contact with us.

It ended up being a fun show!  We were able to get drinks, move around how we wanted and the crowd wasn’t that unbearable!  Everyone was super nice, and it’s cool that this place is like 2 blocks from our apartment, although it’s definitely a starter venue, as the opening band pulled up in a mini van (ran over the curb) and went in the main entrance where people were waiting.  Excuse me kids, does your mommy know you’re here?

After some steamed buns and egg rolls at our favorite spot, Shang Hai Social Club we went home far later than our usual senior citizen bed time, excited to sleep in the next day because it was

And it was beautiful, and uneventful.  We watched the first couple hours of the race on TV and were amazed by the winners, and the wheelchair elite division, which just astounds me.  Then we went to …you guessed it, BRUNCH!  Because that is the wonderful thing about Marathon Monday.  There is brunch at places that typically would not be open on Monday.  We went to one of our favorite places in Coolidge Corner, where we were able to watch the race right out the window (for more of where our favorite brunch places are- check out my Yelp page here) and we talked about how amazing it is, that we are able to experience all of this, and it is just a part of our neighborhood.  This was a week of just realizing how cool it is that we LIVE here.

After brunch we met up with Team Next Step to cheer on our runners, then hung out for so
me good food and drinks, and had an awesome time just unwinding with the cool kids we’re going to be working with all summer.  Then Owen went out for another round and I came home and enjoyed some home spa goodness and reality TV since I had to go to work the next day.
It was such an incredible day, and although there was a tiny bit of trauma, retracing the path we ventured last year, and seeing footage of the finish, the day went on without a hitch and it was a true depiction of what Boston Strong really is all about.

Thursday was another big Boston milestone for us.  Our very first Red Sox game at Fenway!  And they were playing the Yankees.  A few weeks ago we went to a fundraising event for camp, and on a whim, won the tickets in the silent auction.  As soon as I saw our bid highlighted, I realized the tickets were for specific seats that were most likely not accessible.  THESE are the things you do not think about- but you learn from.  Camp was amazing and were able to arrange it so we could get (awesome) seats and still attend the game!  So we did.  And it was awesome. And FREEZING.  April is NOT warm.  I’m sorry.  I keep thinking, “YAY SPRING” but no… it was not warm.  But between hand warmers, epic layers, and a ginormous DD coffee we made due!  But… I do hope our next game it is above 40 degrees….

This weekend began the process of my spring transformation.  This time of year, I always get so antsy with EVERYTHING. I want to change my hair color, get fit, and move somewhere warm.  Ugh Spring Fever!  While I can’t necessarily do all of that, I took some baby steps to see that I feel my best powering through these last few weeks of school.  First I got my phone fixed at a random kiosk at the mall, got a watch resized that I got for Christmas and haven’t been able to wear!  Then I used a Sephora gift card that has been burning a hole in my pocket to invest in some big girl skin care products. It’s funny, because I’m realizing, even though I am so into beauty and products, I basically use free samples, and whatever is laying around (or things that are given to me, aka LUSH) to wash my face.  Now that I’m in a place to really take care of myself, I decided it was time to take the plunge.

Yesterday it was rainy and gross but I made myself leave and I got a pedicure, and made the decision to get some pre-summer highlights and a hair cut!  When I first started school, I made the big decision to try to get back to my original hair color, and it was torture, but I went a whole year without coloring my hair.  I just babied it, and got it trimmed every 6 weeks.  Now, I’m ready to brighten things up again!  It feels so good!

So with all of that- it is time to move forward!
  • 2 more weeks of BU classes, and one final presentation (5 minutes, 6 slides…yikes)
  • 6 more weeks of LEND- a poster presentation, and a paper

And a quick trip to Baltimore for a transition conference, where Owen and I are speaking on a panel!

There you have it! 

Spring… enough with the 40 degree weather. I’m ready for May.  Any day now….

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