Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another Rainy Tuesday

It’s raining and I have to get ready for work.  Whenever it rains, I get all diva and waffle about taking a car to work instead of the T, since I’m working downtown right now.  I need to just suck it up and bring an umbrella like normal city folks. Even though the T is like a sardine can when it rains.  It's not acid people.... we are not in the hunger games. I swear.

It reminds me of my very first day I ever had to commute to the BU med campus.  I woke up at like 5 am. And it was torrential downpours and hurricane winds.  I had never taken the BU shuttle or the route I was going to take and no idea wha I was doing.  I didn’t know where to wait for the bus and me and a bunch of undergrads were all shuffling around under inside out umbrellas, trying to figure out what the hell we were doing.  How far we’ve come.

I started to buy rainboots this winter but then I realized it was still cold, so I bought actual warm snowboots, and still no rainboots.  I should do that.

Last week I was sick and basically was home all week.  Of course I assume the worst and got checked for all the typical horrible things it could be, but I am not anemic, I have all my blood cells, and there is something terrible goes around that makes your stomach very unhappy and your throat sound like it is full of frogs.  Or something.

I was able to work from home which was super nice, and made me realize how much I miss doing that all the time (but I do like having an office… the grass is always greener), and I stayed home from all my classes.  Basically, I suck at being sick.  I felt like I was committing some sort of crime by not going anywhere because I wasn’t THAT sick… like, I wasn’t actually IN the hospital. And contrary to popular belief I don’t actually ENJOY accessing health care.  It is not fun for me to try to explain to nurse practitioners that it doesn’t matter what I eat and I just need to make sure I am not anemic or my organs or failing or anything.  But plenty of people were able to confirm I didn’t have strep.  So that was good.

But basically, all week, I had to keep telling myself that it was legitimate that I was home and the only way to get better was to actually rest.  So shut up self.  So I did, and it was really nice and now I actually feel better!

One thing I did accomplish that I am super proud of is: I MADE SOUP.  There was one day when Owen wasn’t feeling super stellar either and I was home, and I realized we had chicken, a crockpot and lots of organic, fresh veggies, so BAM.  Soup happened.  And it was delicious. I actually believe it helped us feel better

but we used angel hair, instead of egg noodles.  NOM NOM.

This past weekend, we took a bus to New London and had a quick retreat with my family to see the baby sister in her last college dance show!  It was fabulous.  

We had amazing food, and stayed at a cozy little inn that had actual KEYS for the rooms and a “parlor” where you could sit and drink tea and mingle with people like you all just lived there.  It was a great little break, and then Nana got to come see our apartment in Boston, and we all hung out in the media room (that we forget we have) for a little while before they had to go back to Maine.

Now it is all about the next few weeks and busting ass to get through the rest of my classes, then SUMMER! I can’t even believe how fast spring is going, oh my gosh.  I keep imagining there is another week in April… and there is definitely not.  And I have so much to do!  But somehow… it all gets done!

More soon.  There is so much to talk about, but I gotta run.

Make the most of your rainy Tuesday!


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