Monday, May 26, 2014

Teaser Blog

There is SO much to write about, and it will happen.  I haven't even really been putting it off, i've just actually been doing some grown up prioritizing and have had SO much going on.

Last week I had 3 assignments due the same day, and I have ONE MORE assignment before the academic year is over for me.
 My BUSPH class ended like 3 weeks ago, and my fellowship is STILL happening until June 13.  Ri. Diculous.  I am so done, I can't even make werds anymore.  And I've had other random stuff come up, like writing things for other people, which is remarkably more challenging than just rambling in my safe little corner of the cyber-verse

I promise though, lots to come, and I will have lots to write this SUMMER. Since it's the first time in 2 years I will not be taking classes!!!!

So hang tight, and be sure to come back soon.   We went to Baltimore and back, had some scooter adventures, went to BOSTON CALLING, which was epic upon epic.

and apparently I have a birthday soon.  This silly entry is basically serving as a reminder to myself to write about all these things, and not forget anything!


All right.  Thanks all for dealing with my madness!   So. close. to the end!!!!!

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