Monday, June 27, 2005

So...Colin's birthday was splendid. It was a lovely dinner and fun to see everyone. Ironically it worked out so that Nathan from the show (who even more ironically is my brother in the show) showed up randomly, and we totally sat together and joked the whole time, thus making me not the oddball one of our age group. Hooray!
My chest pain is feeling a little better and the dr. put me on a no carb diet just for the weekend to see if that made a difference for my stomach at all. I think it did, but not enough to make a lifestyle of it, or to give up caffine. I know my limits well enough by now I suppose.
Fiddler is going well. We had a blocking rehearsal for the crazy scene of "rumor" and that was cool, and it's been rediulously hot lately so we've been at the pool a lot. Thank god for that.
I finally got to Freeport the other night with Jordan, but like always, all my stores (my two I wanted to go to) were closed so we basically went to Starbucks... (iced white chocolate mochas are the best thing on the planet) and LL Bean for way too long. We seriously need a new system.
My mom, sister and I, also saw The Sisterhood of the Travelling pants yesterday. It was amazing as predicted, but very off from the book. My mom and I both bawled. Not so much for the obvious reasons, but it brought back a lot for me, and what I don't really have anymore I guess. I miss having a tight group of friends who complete me and everything. But I guess my situation is just different. I do have friends...I need to stop saying I don''s just that they're so dispersed all the time. And in all honesty, I don't have many who are actually like me. I want to be spontanteous and random, and live a little...can't people see that life is way too short to go to bed at 8 when you're in college? Honestly now.
I guess Bailey taught me a lot. Anyway... for that reason I'm going out with Colin and Nancy today mini golfing or something...wherever they take me. We shall see.
I have to go enjoy the View and wake the sleeping equestrian sister from my floor.

*you know you love me*

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Yes, I am a "mostly sunny partly cloudy" person I guess. Or so I've been told. Well fine. Here's the partly cloudy part...if you can tolerate the negativity. My deepest apologies.

My grammy is back in the hospital
My car is retarded
My stupid school is saying I don't have enough credits to "be" a junior. I'm sick of getting screwed over.
I pulled my back yesterday opening my window. It hurt like hell.
I don't feel good. Can't eat anything without feeling nauseous and sore, and my chest hasn't stopped hurting since I ate last. I need to go to the doctor and do something about it (I don't particularly have time for this)

I'm sick of being short.....and single.

There, now that that's done.
The mostly sunny forecast:
Fiddler is fun
The weather has been nice
I got a freaking adorable bathing suit on sale!!!!
Pomeranians under $1000 do exist.
I am seeing the Sisterhood movie TOMORROW!!!
Summer IS looking up for the most part, and I'm loving it.

and....for today's forecast.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN (our beyond fabulous music director, and my bestest friend)!!!!! :-)

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Yay! That does indeed make a good day.

Friday, June 17, 2005

This just in:

I am officially cast in the Broadway Rocks show that CLT is doing November 12 & 13. WHICH just happens to be the weekend the RENT movie opens, WHICH means I can see it with people I want to see it with! It will be a RENTastic weekend. And I am beyond psyched for the show! As lovely director Ron Bouffard said on my voice mail (in fabulous gay voice), "I hope you are as excited as I am!!!!"

Yes Ron. I am. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Also- speaking of gay boys, new fab musical in my repetoire: Zanna Don't, with my Jai Rodriguez. Looooooove!!!!

(even if I just like it because I am a fairy...whatever)

That is all.
You know you love me.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

So ok. This is the first entry of the new "blog." I'm not quite sure how all this works yet, but I'm a fast learner I guess, so we'll see. Currently, I am quite exhausted from getting up at 5 and spending 10 hours in the car, but it resulted in getting an Aunt Annie's pretzel *swoon,* the email of a NYU actor boy, and picking up the little sister. Who I actually am quite glad to have home because I feel very outnumbered the way it stands now. She was ultimately fabulous at stage night, and everyone loved her. bla bla bla. she was a bit peeved that she was known as "Mal's sister," but hey...I said I'd prepare them for her did I not? She had a good week I think. I personally wish it would not be 50 degrees anymore and I'm desperately wanting some sun again. I guess some silly Florida going brat took it with them, AGAIN. Ooooh well.
I'm going to try to figure some more stuff out here, but stay tuned... blocking rehearsal tomorrow. Woo!

~til later.
*the Malphaba*

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