Saturday, March 26, 2016

Everything is Your Business

Good morning loves.

And Denver, happy snow day number 2.  I apologize that we brought the beautiful Boston weather with us, for this spring blizzard.  However, we also brought the Super Bowl win, so you have to take the bad with the good.

Also, it’s 13 inches, not 108, and you can see the sidewalks… so consider yourself lucky.

Happy 2016!  Again, time has flown, but I’ve been itching to write a blog!  Life is wonderful, and I know 2016 is going to be a year of growth, excitement and continuing to figure out this “adulting” thing, as we go.

A big part of that will be figuring out my work life!  As many of you know, I have done a lot of things over the years in terms of travel, speaking, and consulting around the topic of health care transition.  I always joke that my career has been built on what people wanted me to do, and would pay me to do (isn’t that what consulting is?)   Well, I finally made it official, and am now I certified LLC in the state of Colorado.

I’m a small business baby!

Since taking that plunge, I have been thinking a lot about what that means, and what I want it to mean.  MCH, and healthcare transition is a pretty unique niche, and often, one without a lot of funding.  I am really hoping to expand my brand, Curb Cuts and Cocktails and explore what it really can be!  I have been attending a lot of networking events and am super excited to be a part of the business community in my new city.  

I also recently completed an online bartending certificate, because it’s on my bucket list, and I kind of want to prove I have more skills than just public health!  It never hurts to have quite a few tools in your belt right?

A few years ago, I re-launched my blog as a place that I could connect with my friends and family across the country and be REAL! About health care, brunch, love, and all that comes with living a fabulous life with a few added challenges, and I want to take that to the next level.  I am beginning to finally think seriously about writing my book, and one thing that I’ve really been pondering, which would be a lot more realistic to implement as a short term “deliverable,” is a podcast!

I used to do Got Transition Radio, and although it wasn’t always the most exciting content, I miss it!   I miss having an audience, I miss having a platform to share my lessons learned, so that others might not have to go through the same adventures.

BUT! It’s time to take it to the next level, have it be my words, and there is SO much to talk about!  

One thing I really want advice on, is where is the story?  What do YOU want to hear about?  I mean, we can totally talk about healthcare, because, I can’t deny it, it’s a big part of my life, but it’s definitely not the most fun!  We can talk about beauty, brunch, love, snow, crazy things people say to me on the bus!  You name it! 

Let me know what you think.  Send me a message, a text, or fill out this poll.

 I’ll update soon with where things might be going. 

This is just the beginning.