Thursday, June 12, 2008

Behold, the power of a facial!

So, following up from my birthday post, my party was FABULOUS.
There are pictures: here
But it was absolutely perfect. The only thing I would've changed is that Colin would've been there, but he spoiled me crazy on my actual birthday, so it balanced out (we ate all day long- Espo's, Applebee's, and Starbucks of course, and he bought me Enchanted on DVD....which we saw together). This whole birthday was amazing!

Yesterday, mom and I drove down to Vermont for a conference I was presenting at today. As some of you know, I've been feeling sort a rut, in regards to my work lately, so I was really not looking forward to coming. We had no air conditioner driving down, so it was a little annoying, but soon we got a rainstorm and began driving up the mountain and it cooled right down!
We found a random amazing restaurant on the way up since the restaurant in the hotel was closed for the season. Silly skiiers! We ended up having an amazing dinner, and I slept wonderfully. I always manage to sleep better in hotels bed, than my own (hmm...maybe I need a new bed.....)
Before we turned in however, Patti showed up to go over our presentations, and I mentioned how I had noticed that the presentation they had us down for on the agenda was not the 2nd powerpoint she had sent me. Then something incredible happened. We began a new Powerpoint, and she created 2 new blank slides and said "Here. These are yours."
I looked at the situation and figured I could do 2 things. I could just say "I can't think of anything...", or I could run with my two slides and begin proving what I AM capable of.
I chose the 2nd one. I made one slide a list of what I have learned in my life that I would like to relay to others, and the other one was a collage of pictures of things I've done to prove there are no limitations, and anything is possible if you're willing to find a way!
After hardly even looking forward to the conference, I went to bed feeling actually EXCITED for our presentation, which I had really not felt in a long time.

I woke up energized and excited to make the most of the day, no matter how it went.
The day began with our keynote speaker, Scott Chesney. He was absolutely wonderful, and everything echoed my life to a T. He overcame his challenges and did everything he wanted. He even had a job in PR in NYC. Hello. Did somebody call him and say "Hi Scott, Mal is going to this conference, and is really questioning everything in her life right now. Anyway you could give a speech and bring her spark back?" Because that is exactly what happened. He made me remember anything really is possible, and what kind of a person I really am. I don't settle, I don't get trapped. I make the most out of every moment and follow my heart. I always have and I'm not going to stop now.
I spoke with him after, and he even said he'd e-mail me and put my name in with his people in NY! Eeeeep! Overall, I was just transformed.

During the speech I also got a phone call that my beloved purple Fit I met when my mom was car shopping, can indeed be adapted!!!! There was an automatic blackberry pearl Honda Fit coming in this week, unclaimed. My dad put a deposit on it today, and let's just say NOW IT'S CLAIMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The universe is completely on my side this month.

With this news I was completely amped for our presentations, and they both went wonderfully. I didn't hold back. when I wanted to say something I did, and I was MYSELF. I was me again, and that was all it took. I wasn't afraid of not knowing the information absolutely perfectly, I just dove in head first and had fun, and the audience did too. It was excellent.
All in all, the entire day put me in such a good place I'm ready to take on the world!

Before we went to dinner, we had some time to kill, so I decided to investigate the spa. I wanted a mani or pedi, but they didn't have a nail tech. I felt so good about the day I decided to reward myself with a facial.
I t was worth every penny, and I can't even describe it. It was borderline spiritual.
I mean, how often do you just lay there quietly, thinking peacefully while taking care of yourself. I just kept thinking about all the good things in my life and how absolutely lucky I was. It was like a trance. I pretty much did not want to move after. It was so rejuvenating, and I felt like a totally movie star.
I'm hooked now. there will be another one before Cali (I get to go to California.... I got my dream car.... I get facials)
I think these conferences really wake me up to how lucky I am, and how much I take for granted. I'm going to work on that. and I'm going to write my book. Because I can.

I know it sounds cheesey, but I really got an awakening and am ready to tackle this summer for everything it's worth. I have too much going for me to complain. I need to just DO.

So.... here's to a new summer. A new car, and refound gratitude for everything I have!


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