Thursday, September 06, 2012

Boston Begins!

No, I couldn't be happier
Though it is, I admit
The tiniest bit
Unlike I anticipated
But I couldn't be happier
Simply couldn't be happier
Well - not "simply"
'Cause getting your dreams
It's strange, but it seems
A little - well - complicated

- Galinda

You know what's a crazy feeling?

When you look around, and wake up each day, and realize that you are living the life you have dreamed about, written about, ached for, and cried over for 10+ years.

I remember, there is a journal entry I wrote during my first week at UMF, trying to convince myself that had happened, and it was a huge step for me to be sitting in a coffee shop writing in my hipster journal, but it wasn't IT.

Now... I'm sitting here, writing, drinking coffee, with an amazing view of the CITY from our incredible studio apartment window.   And there's a pretty incredible guy here with me, which wasn't even part of the equation back then.  God, that would just be too much, you can't have it all right?

But I'm here.  We're here.  We got here.   
Of course, it isn't quite Carrie Bradshaw glamourous.  I'm not flitting about in 5" manolos, and I curse the city as my scooter jostles across the T tracks, and I get caught in the rain without the luxury of a Burberry umbrella, but it's my life, and I have minimal complaints at the moment.

I started classes yesterday, and I'm pretty sure I FELT my brain smile.   They're speaking my language!  The professors are the most real, wonderful, supportive, sarcastic, funny people I have ever encountered in "this work."  They have big dreams for us, and they're ready to train us to be part of the public health world changing team.   I sat in a library yesterday.  I talked about marketing campaigns.  I ate lunch with people that then became my friends.  I showed my BU ID to get into one of the med school buildings.  I sat in the front row of a lecture hall to discuss legal cases!!!!

I know, I know.  It will get challenging, and truly, I'm prepared for that, but knowing so many people are here to support, and want us to succeed seems to take the edge off a little bit, and for now I just am letting myself breathe in the scent of academia and ENJOY THE MOMENT.  I have been on autopilot for so long, pushing myself to make this happen, it's so amazing when I can just look around, or sit on the roof deck of our apartment and look out over the skyline and go, "This is real." still doesn't feel it, but I truly believe that I was brought here because there is work to be done and it is part of my journey (and Owen's) to lead those efforts, and make big changes.  Someone's got to.  I've always been that girl to raise her hand and say the thing that everyone is thinking but is afraid to say, and that's not changing, and now I am in the midst of people (brilliant people) who want to hear it!

Aside from changing the world, Owen and I have also been warmly received socially, and have had some wonderful times with Team Boston already!  We've had dinner dates, spent a night on the cape during the Falmouth Road Race, and taken multiple trips to IKEA, and adventures around Boston just to get the feel for the neighborhood.  We are absolutely not alone here, which adds a level of comfort and reassurance to this whole experience.  We have friends, we have a support team.  We're gonna be okay  (mom and dad ;)   )
Owen also got to experience Maine, meet the rest of my family AND see camp!

We have covered many bases in a very short time! 
So here we are.  It's been a lot, but we're settling in, and school (and work) is rolling. We are so grateful for everyone who has helped us, or supported us to get here.  We do NOT take for granted that it takes a village!

There will be much more (including a video tour of our apartment)!   Stay tuned! If you are not already following our facebook page, you should: