Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Bloggiversary!

It was a year ago earlier this week that I relaunched my blog as the new, Curb Cuts and Cocktails, and "came out," as someone who was pretty confused about what she had gotten herself into!  It really feels like just yesterday I took the bold step to start writing as who I really am, instead of who I thought the internet, and the world wanted me to be.

After that post, I made a vow to move forward with my work, education, and life, as authentically as possibly, and I must say, while it has not always been easy, it has been awesome.  I feel like I have done better in my education, work, and everything else.  I just feel LIGHTER.

Last month, while Owen and I were cooped up due to the snowiest winter in the history of Boston, I began writing.  Like really writing- beyond blogging.  It is going to be for one of my final projects for school, but I believe it also has the potential to be much more.  I submitted to my advisor, fifty pages, single spaced, just the tip of the iceberg of what we have experienced moving here.  I realized it was the first time I have really begun to process the whole experience in its entirety.   It was exhausting, emotional, but also cathartic as I realized how much I have overcome, and I'm not entirely crazy for having some fear and anxiety moving forward.

Just wow.

So in celebration of the 1 year anniversary, and the snow finally melting, Owen and I decided to do a follow up video blog to the brief story the Boston Herald did on us at the end of February.   There is too much that needs to be said to let someone tell the story.

I have been thinking about doing some more video blogs.  If you follow my Yoututbe channel, you'll know this is something I used to do quite frequently, as I was home and had endless amounts of time to talk to a screen, because that's where my friends lived. I also have realized I have acquired quite a list of questions that I have gotten from young adults, providers and all kinds of different people just about how we live our lives- so maybe it's time to relaunch "Ask Mal,"  (also, they're just super fun to do!  So if this is something my readers would be interested in, do let me know!  Who knows what spring could bring.

Regardless of what's to come, thanks for hanging in there with me through all of this existential nonsense! It sure has been a ride hasn't it?

Here's to many more blogtastic years!!!