Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy May 2007!
Yesterday I had my LAST college class EVER. That's weird.

And my senior reading was last night, that I've waited four years for and poof it's over. Things are just going to keep being over.

Next Saturday (8 days)'s all over. Wow. It's going fast. Here's what's left!

Final Schedule/ Important dates:
May 9th:
Final soc. paper due.
GAIA final exam this day! 10:30
May 10th:
2:00 exit interview
Toga social

May 11th:
Banquet shopping

May 12th:

So, basically all I have left for academics is a paper for soc, my science final which I'm not even worried about, and to print another copy of my portfolio to keep in the BFA office. Then it's mission graduation!

It's so overwhelming. Then I start my internship at mom's job, then real work, which I'm super excited for... and I've started doing serious apps for moving to Portland at some point. And my birthday is like 2 weeks after graduation! (and I get my cell phone upgrade which I'm excited about) Everything is happening so fast! Sloooow down time

but it's amazing, and I've never felt better. I never thought I'd be leaving on such a positive note. I've come full circle....

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