Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Here comes 2009

The rest of fall has come and gone.  It was a beautiful, simple holiday with a lot of relaxation and family time.  A lot of things are changing, but I feel really good about life right now.

I'm sorry I've been kind of abandoning this place for the past couple of months, but I have been very busy with work and life, but I'm back now and one of my resolutions (although in the past I haven't made them) is to Blog more.... so here I am.

I won't go into great depth about the past, but I will present you with my crazy itinerary for the upcoming  months!  The travel blog will be seeing a lot of me so stay tuned!

It's going to be pretty intense much like last year!  And I'm completely pumped!

Northport Maine for the MSN winter retreat. 

Staying here: 

AMCHP Conference 2009 in Crystal City, VA
Presenting on involving youth in successful needs assessments
Also- representing KASA at the annual family voices gala.  Anything with the word gala in it makes me happy!  

Staying here:

Visions of Community Conference in Boston
Presenting on Transitioning to adulthood in the healthcare world.

Staying here:
(oooh flashbacks. Four of us shared a one bed room here when our car got stolen. Fond fond memories. Although it is a sweet hotel!)

Eat, drink and be merry with no other agenda with the bff :-)

April????? There must be something in april…..?

ICYCC 09 conference- Ft. Lauderdale, FLORIDA
Presenting on engaging youth in policy change and leadership.

ALSO, MY 24TH BIRTHDAY. oh heeeeey.

Staying here: 
(um, at one of them? Not sure yet. ….hmmm)

OLEY 2009- St. Petersburg, FLORIDA
Just attending, being awesome, and enjoying learning and networking.   And the beach...some more.

Staying here: 


completely pumped. oh man. watch out 09. Here I come.

The diva is back ♥

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