Saturday, July 02, 2005

Gemini daily horoscope:
There's something out there that you really want -- something you've been wishing to have for a long time. You've been saving your pennies, working overtime, depriving yourself of even the most basic of daily pleasures and flipping through catalogues to find the right deal. Well, don't look now, but today could actually be the day you find it. Make sure you have the cash on you and do some in-person comparison shopping.

Utterly ironic that I just happened to be going to Freeport today to get my Coach purse. I still had my birthday money in my savings that I had saved just for this occasion, so my parents and I went down early this morning (well, like 9 or 10ish). We stopped and got coffee at DD, (duh) mostly to make sure my new Debit card worked before going to Coach. For if my card got rejected there I would truly just kill myself.
So we did that and a few minutes later we were in Freeport! I was so nervous/excited I had butterflies. It's always so awkward and thrilling when you go in there and the ladies are all watching you (even though they're super super nice), but I was fine once I got there, since I've been like 8 times or something and even did the purchasing thing once. I squealed when I saw my purse was there. I was so horrified that the tourist vultures would clean the place out, but alas they did not. I grabbed it, and browsed around with it over my shoulder. My mom and I calculated and it turned out to be under $100! Weeeee now I could get the other smaller more universal one I had wanted, which also ended up being less than planned! Hoooly crap this was fate. the lady came over to talk to me for a bit about how classic the white demi was, and I said I really shouldn't get both, but since I made Dean's list it was justified. She was shocked for a moment then looked relieved and intrigued as if it all made sense as to why this teensy girl was investing in two Coach purses.

Then I wandered back over to the wallets which I had seriously been wanting and it turned out THEY were cheaper than before too! So I figured it out and realized I could get all three for what I had planned on spending for one! Perfect. It was meant to be. So I bit the bullet, remembered my horoscope and paid with my brand new shiny debit card. It was so thrilling watching them wrap everything and my wallet got put in this soft little drawstring bag. they even already knew my address from when I registered to buy my wristlet! It was lovely! It was so super fun browsing with my mom, and I even got some ideas of what she liked. Usually she just feels out of place there and isn't very enthusiastic but everyone was in such a good mood, it was great.

After the purchasing, my mom asked if anyone was hungry and we wandered next door to the sushi restaurant. It was still only like noon, so I just got a seaweed salad, but it was soooo perfect, and just like the ones I had in NYC every day we were there. It felt like we were there, it was so incredible (and because LL Bean wasn't in view). Everything was just divine and perfect. I am a happy happy girl.

The white purse

The pink diva purse with lovely metallic handle

the Wallet

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