Tuesday, July 05, 2005

So...let us talk about a lovely day shall we? Yesterday we had our fourth of July soiree, and honestly I don't think it could've gone any better. Other than the fact that I am brutally sunburned from hitting the beach on Sunday. It hurts to move. Eh. Annnyway.

We all went over to the pool at Nana's, and she had an amazing buffet with fabulous food as usual. Michael and his family got there first, but Colin called and asked if it was ok if they came over early! Yay! It totally was since the company had only consisted of French old ladies who felt the need to dig they're long nails into my lobster red back. Thanks guys.

So they got there and we swam, and talked and ate and laughed. And the pool was ultimately perfect. truly the best it has been all year.
I had a mudslide, and it was amazing. And it hit me a liiiiiiittle, but just enough to be fun and make Colin make fun of me.
And we laid in the sun together and it was ultimately perfect.
We had a barbecue dinner which was divine, and fabulous red white and blue layered cupcakes that mom and I made.

When the sun started to go down, we all got dressed and went to the fireworks. Colin left early with his mom and was going to meet us there. The rest of us drove over, and parked near the parking garage as far from the festival as possible, because my grandfather can't possibly see the point of going where there's other people. When we got there, Michael and I walked down the bridge to where everyone was, and met up with Colin and everyone right by the stage.
It was the usual gang that isn't mine, and I was able to avoid the awkward conversations with people I did go to school with, since we basically stayed by the stage the whole time except when the boys needed a potty break.

It was an ok time I guess...but it seemed like the fireworks went a little too long, and just got boring. there was nothing spectacular about them. I didn't get fried dough either since it was on the other side of everything...but oh well.

The day made up for it. It was a royally good time. Pics to come later.


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