Sunday, September 24, 2006

Whooooa. It's senior year. Craziness. Unbelievable really. Buuuuuuut. For the first time, I'm reaaaaaaally happy. It's like I finally know who my friends are, and how to manage time and all that jazz and can finally just sit back and have fun.

A lot happened this summer and basically I just feel like I'm a new person with a new outlook and a new attitude so I really think it'll be a good year....since it mostly has been already...
My room is pink and amazingly cute. smaller but I don't even notice the difference really, it works for me!
Here's a peek:
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It is SUCH a different lifestyle from the stupid, all girl, mostly freshman floor I put up with for so long. I don't know why I didn't do that sooner.... oy vey! It's so good.

Anyway. obviously a ton of stuff has happened and I can't give the entire lodown here cause well.... it'd take me a week.... but I'll simplify and just discuss some of the key players in my life right now...since oh, you know, they'll be mentioned a buuuunch!
(for the dramatic crew who may read this, I swear this order is random, so get over it....and if you're not something nice for me and maybe you will be)

The Girls:
Andrea: aka- ; or the soulmate. We spent a ton of time together this summer and talked 24/7. She is my other half, knows everything that goes on in my life and basically completes me and makes school worth going to. k thanks.

Kerry: fabulous, chill bff from last year, she's in rehab. but we still enjoy numerous bar trips. She's a cool kid. Also my photographer. Most of the good pictures that are up here, are probably Kerry Brown originals

A crazy amazing wine. and laguna lover who also completes me. We hate people together and make fun of freshmen. Hey, sometimes it's too easy.

Caitlin: A fabulous fashion diva, who enjoys coffee and shopping almost as much as myself. we had lovely beach festivities this summer and are super tight.

Rachel: Sadly, she does not to F'ton, but we've been bffs since high school, I would not have made it through the summer without her. We are soulmates in theater, boys....and theater boys..... hehe

The Boys:

Colin: The opposite gendered soulmate. he's in CT which saddens me, but when he isn't, we see movies, spend way too much time together, belt bad 80's music, drink at Applebee's and pretty much finish each others sentences..... yeaaaa, it's a good time. oh yea he's good at music stuff.... psh.

Matt: silly, younger than me poly-sci nerd who doesn't believe in segways (like the transition, not the scooter), he likes to ditch me for Family Guy or Jimmy Kimmel.

Brandon: Knows how to have a good time. Has a hot tub, and is known for taking me on random Roadtrips to be a groupie for Colin's accapella group. oh we have fun. <3 him

Doyon, Roland, Adam G, et. al.- the other boys who come to parties and always provide good story telling and drunken (or not drunken) musical performances....they make my life pretty much!

Ok, so basically those are the tried and true. What can I say. Now, after being entirely lazy all day, I must sign out and be lazy some more, where it will eventually lead to bed. Back to school tomorrow for more adventures.

~You know you love me.

and an updated pic, cause you know, it's been like A YEAR!!!
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