Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites 5.20.16

When I relaunched this blog two years ago, I decided it was going to be a balance of all aspects of my life.   Well, I don’t know about you, but that last entry made my head hurt, so I think it’s time for something a little more fun.  How about some Friday Favorites?

Ok.  I thought so.  Here’s a list of random things I’m loving recently!

1.     This box of K-cups.

Seriously though.  I bought this random box of Kcups because I like getting to pick a new flavor every day instead of being limited to 24 of the same flavor I may or may not be in the mood for, and since my favorite local small business coffee dealer Big Cats Coffee (out of New England) is no longer able to customize boxes, I went to Amazon.   This box has so many brands and flavors I had never even heard of, including Friendly’s ice cream flavors like Vienna Mocha Chunk! It's just like going out with my family after a dance recital!  Every morning is a treat, and I actually have found myself spending less at Starbucks, because I can have an even better cup of coffee in the office!  Bam!

There is actually a funny story here, because I didn’t buy them.  I have not bought shoes in quite some time, and have recently found myself regretting some of the intense purging I did before the move.  Ugh.  I was at work the other day, and a colleague of mine stopped me in the hall and said, “Mallory, can I ask you a weird question?  What size do you wear… like where do you shop?”  Trust me, on the scale of weird questions I have received, that’s like a .5.   She went on to explain she had a daughter who had outgrown some of her shoes and clothes and they were really nice and she was wondering if I would like to try them on and see what I wanted before she tried to sell or get rid of the rest.  WELL YES, AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.  She brought a bag of shoes a couple days later and I sat awkwardly in my cube with no shame, trying on various pink winter boots, flip flops and these babies.  The thing I love about them is they are so comfortable, AND they both zip up all the way.  I have a few other pairs of black zippy boots and while my Fryes are also super comfortable, I swear I have one calf that’s bigger than the other, and one won’t zip all the way.  So thanks Kenneth Cole, and my dear friend Gina for these beauties!  My awkward calves are so grateful!

I am so sorry if you are a person who used to have respect for me, but this show has been my existence for like the last month and I am totally in a show hole.  I even began dreaming about these people like they were my friends and that Lisa Vanderpump was my boss. Let me be honest with you.  This is pure trash with people that I have zero respect for.  Except, I basically want their lives.  Nobody in the world could ever drink that much or speak to their boss the way they do and still have a job, let alone get to take a week off here and there to go to Vegas or Hawaii EVERY time a staff member has a birthday.  But they do.  And they’re models and have gorgeous apartments and it’s L/A and just… I CANNOT STOP WATCHING.  Lucky for me, there is talk of Season 5, and I have been filling the void with the podcast of our favorite beauty/villain, Straight up with Stassi.  So there’s that.  Also, my NY housewives are back, so it’s not a total show hole.  Sigh.

5.   My license picture

Let’s talk about this for a second.  Are you serious?  I got complimented on my old license and ID picture. Gone are those days! Nobody told me that when we moved here that Colorado was a “no smiling state.”  Bummer dude.  I especially love my new lazy eye that appears when I try to take a selfie, and my perma-cow lick that I cannot get rid of no matter what I do.  So, I guess it is just all things me.  There are plenty of other smiling pictures, and, if I ever do commit a crime (not in the cards….)  I can save them a step.

Happy Friday Y’all.

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