Thursday, May 17, 2018


It’s definitely been awhile since I’ve dipped a toe in the beauty blogger pool, but with all of the wedding planning that's been going on (which is going to be my next post for sure!) I’ve been spoiling myself a little, hitting Sephora for the perfect lip color and treating my skin to a little extra TLC!   I plan on only doing this bride thing once, so I’m playing that card as much as possible.

Which is EXACTLY why I justified the purchase of the new glitter mask by Glam Glow!  What better time to have magic unicorn princess skin than MY WEDDING! 

Before I get started, I’ll let ya know, I have nothing to disclose.  Nobody gave me this for free, and it’s not a sponsored post, but hey Glam Glow, if you’re interested, you know where to find me.  

Let’s start with the product.  It’s easily a cult classic and was created especially for incredible insta stories.  The Glam Glow My Little Pony GravityGlow Glitter mask is available at Sephora and is available in three colors/ ponies-  

- Princess Luna Black—the powerful princess and beauty icon
- Pinkie Pie Pink—the socialite and life of the party
- Twilight Sparkle Purple—the lovable perfectionist 

For those who know me, know this was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, because, I’m a multi-faceted Gemini and ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!! 

After far too much pondering and analysis of my character traits in the aisles of Sephora, I selected Pinkie Pie, the socialite, and life of the party, because come the big day, that is what I’ll be channeling.  
Let’s rip that band aid off quick.  Yes, it’s $60. for 1.7 oz of pink glittery goop.  Yep. Weddings do weird things to me.  

But I know I’m marrying the right dude, because when I showed him my purchase, hidden in my tiny Sephora bag, he just looked at me, shrugged and said “I mean… I get it.”  

The mask comes in a cute little tub, which is in a cute little box, and you guys, IT COMES WITH GLITTERY STICKERS. Some of them might be on my phone right now… so again.  Totally justified.

The other really awesome thing, is it comes with a little spatula for applying the mask. I’ve actually used the spatula with other masks and I will never mask without my spatula again!  I believe it’s made of silicone, and is easily washable with soap and water so you can sanitarily apply your mask each time.  

The mask itself is a thick gel, but the glitter is chunky and embedded in the gel.  I’ve found a few pieces here and there but it’s nothing like the fallout of a glitter eyeshadow or the glitter your teachers hated using for crafts! You know what I mean!

As for the application, I think I’m still getting the hang of it.  the thicker you apply, the easier it is to peel off, but the longer it takes to dry.  I tend to go heavier on my T Zone and then a little less around my face and places that touch my hairline.  Basically, just SLATHER!  Really do your best to avoid eyebrows… cause we all like having eyebrows right?  Keep them suckers glitter free! 

I basically spread a thick coat of glitter goo on my face, avoiding my hairline the best I can, and settle into my favorite Bravo binge.  You can give this thing forever to dry.  Seriously.  I sat for about 30 + minutes this weekend, and there were still places that could have used more time.  Relax.  Snap.  Post an Instastory.  Use all the hashtags #Glamglow #Glittermask #GlitterandGlow.  Enjoy the masking experience, for when you are finished, your face will glow as much as the sparkly gunk on your mug! 

*1 episode of Vanderpump Rules later*

I will be honest, I have not found a lot of peel off masks I'm a fan of. I tend to have dry, somewhat sensitive skin, and most peel off masks remind me of liquid duct tape, and leave me feel angry at how long it take to peel off instead of the zen I am supposed to experience after an “at home facial.” 
NOT THIS ONE. If I didn’t have a nose, I’m pretty sure I could get it off in one piece.  If you let it dry all the way, literally, lift it up and gently peel.  It is the most satisfying, mesmerizing experience! 

The instructions say to cleanse your skin after, but I’ve splashed it with water, used a toner, and made sure I didn’t have any glittery remnants behind before applying a moisturizer, and my skin feels amaaaazing.  And I think it looks good!  Even my toughest beauty critics at work have mentioned they think the glitter mask is working!  

So what's my arbitrary made up rating? 

I give it 4 out of 5 pony stickers.

I wish I got more product for the price, and I wish it dried a little quicker.  Otherwise… I’m already deciding what pony to get next.

I’m hooked. This may be my holy grail mask, and I’m sure it will be limited edition!

So with that, let me know, have you tried it? Loved it? Hate it?

Want more beauty product reviews from me?    Tell me what’s up! 

Love you all!  Peace, love, and my little pony Glitter masks! 

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