Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's Fall. And stuff like this makes me wish I had an apartment super bad. Oh yea, and I just watched the Laguna Beach thing on Overdrive, which showed one of their rediculously glamorous, way too big houses. That helped.

The maple stuff is out at Starbucks too. I may have to try the maple machiatto when I go home this weekend. Last year, only Canada had it.... and Maine...cause we're basically Canada.

Last night was fun. But I still feel like this week is just weird. Everyone feels kind of off.... but what can you do. I tried to have a night in, but like after three episodes of "Strangers with Candy" and 45 minutes of Gilmore Girls (yes, yet another guilty pleasure) I got super antsy and ended up going to the bar with Meg, then again with Nate and Roxanne, and hung out in their apartment til like 2.
It was fun though. It was a gorgeous night, and I really just wanted to be out doing something since pretty soon it'll be too cold to want to go anywhere. The moon was pretty, and it was just a very laid back good time. I needed the fresh air.
Now it's wednesday, and I sort of have a busy day, and it's blah. But we have a class meeting tonight, then LAGUNA. and I may subscribe to CosmoGirl I've decided. It's cheap....

on that note.


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