Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sometimes I just want to go back to being 17. When I didn't know any better. To the days when DD ice coffees were orgasmic, every Denny's trip was exciting and dancing in the Oak Hill gym til 11 was a "crazy night out."

It's really weird to think how things can change...and will never ever be the same. Things happen and are said. People come and go from your life, and you just never know. You can only live one day at a time. but when you take it all in and really look back. Just wow. I don't even know.

Of course it's super cold out tonight and the heat came on, which means winter is coming, which means I'm getting depressedish and emotional.... even though this year will be soooo different I can't help it.

Right now I need to just pull myself away from 2002 Mix CD's, old Facebook wall comments, and pictures and give myself to sleep for awhile. Tomorrow's another day. and it isn't Monday!


oh yea... and the Halloween fun has begun....

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