Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oh fall. What can I say....

I feel like it's been a really significant past week, and I'm basically a different person since last October...but we've still come full circle it seems. It's just weird. who knows.

Last week was really good though. I went out like five days in a row, which yes, is a little crazy, but it was fabulous. For the first time I feel like I'm really LIVING in college. And I truly do have the best friends like ever.
Thursday we all went to the bar and even though there was definitely Fall in the air, we all at on the patio with our drinks and just talked and laughed for hours. It was really really wonderful. It's so great to feel like I finally have a "group" and it kind of includes everyone.

Then Friday I slept on the way home then quickly changed and Jordan and I hit up Gritty's, which is kind of becoming our Friday tradition. It was really fun. I have not laughed that hard in sooooo long. It was much needed for both of us. Saturday was Aimee and Margarita's. Basically I've just been seeing everyone and having a good time, which is pretty much what I need to do, because otherwise I find fall is kind of tough. and some things have happened, which have left me kind of confused emotionally, but it's nothing serious, just a strange replay of last Fall I guess.

Sunday, I ended the weekend with a dinner of filet mignon with my family and a hot bath to warm up and rejuvenate before coming back. It was pretty much amazing.

I'm kind of ready for a downish week now, and definitely another weekend. Family coziness, friends, and pumpkin spice lattes, preeeetty much make my life.

autumn <3

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