Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh it's been crazy. Not crazy good, or crazy bad.Just crazy.
The 80's social was pretty much amazing and can probably be logged as "THE event of the year." We had an incredible turnout, the music and people were amazing, I went without a single cent, had drinks covered for me (cause I'm fab like that) and oh yea I WON the costume contest! Weeeeeeee. It was just amazing.

The next day my knees hurt soooo hard from dancing. It was lovely.

Since then, stuffs been kinda up and down. The weekend was nice. I slept for like 12+ hours, which I pretty much needed, like whoa...
Then this week, I've just been kinda rollin' with things, trying to get my work done, and not fail out of school. I think I'm doing ok! yay for that.

Last night was pretty fabulous too. I worked a little bit on a paper that isn't due until next week, which I felt good about, then I was at the snackbar with Miss Andrea and Mary, and Meg randomly called me and asked if I wanted to go to the bar with them. I didn't really have anything pressing to do, so I said suuuuuure.
Meg, Jen, Caitlin and I all went down to the bar, in the pouring rain...almost got attacked by a skunk, but finally got there and had a lovely time. I was cold and soggy, and got an amazing Irish coffee, which is like a Denny's cappucinno x 50.
we all hung out, until Meg and I started making fun of people a little too evidently and had to remove ourselves to another room where there were other people and it was fun. Then Caitlin and Jen left and a while later, and we trudged home in the even worse pouring rain. But it was pretty amazing and we didn't care.

That's the stuff memories are made of!

Next up. HALLOWEEN DANCE 10/26 @ 10:07 pm (haha, don't ask me thats just what the schedule said!) BE THERE!!!!

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